How to choose 5w-40 engine oil?

5w-40 Oil

How to choose 5w-40 engine oil for your car?

You need to change your 5w-40 engine oil and you don’t know what parameters to look for when choosing an oil?

We wrote this article to tell you how to choose 5w-40 oil for your car, as well as what to look for when choosing 5w-40 engine oil so you don’t waste your money.

Extensive experience in writing articles for websites, as well as working in a car store allows us to put together a simple and straightforward guide to choosing 5w-40 oil for you and to advise you on really proven options.

5w-40 oil is most commonly used in European cars, as well as in diesel vehicles for commercial use. We recommend using 5w-40 engine oil if your car’s mileage is over 150,000.

If your car’s mileage is less than 150,000, we recommend you use a less thick oil, such as 5w-40. If you notice your car is using a lot of oil for a change, consider switching to a different viscosity, like 10w-30 (if you have used 5w-30 before) or 10w-40 (if you have used 5w-40 before).


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