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Manual and Gas Powered Post Driver: How to choose and use

Do you need to erect a fence near your house or property? It can be quite a challenge without special equipment.

You will need a Post Driver to install your fence posts.

What is a Post Driver?

A post driver is a tool to drive fence posts into the ground.

Installing fence posts can sometimes seem like a reasonably simple task because you just need to make a hole in the ground and drive a fence post into it. But in practice, it turns out to be much more difficult.

You don’t want it to be your fence falling down because the posts weren’t set too deep in the ground, do you? The post driver gives you a steady downward motion on the post, ensuring that it is driven deep enough into the ground and has minimal damage to the post.

Post Drivers come in three types: Manual, Pneumatic, and Gas Post Drivers.

Manual Post Driver

The Wood Fence Post Driver is simple in design and is used to enclose a small number of posts for fencing areas.

It’s a lot easier to use the Post Driver than digging a hole for a post or hammering a post with a big hammer. It’s a lot easier to drive posts into the ground than renting a special drill to dig holes. But some muscle power may still be required when hammering poles.

Manual Driver This type of mailer depends on human lifting power. However, because of its design, it requires much less power than a hammer such as a sledgehammer.

Pneumatic Post Driver

Pneumatic Drivers are not very common outside of job sites. These Drivers are powered by an external air compressor and are used by professionals.

Gas Powered T Post Driver

The Gas Powered T Post Driver is the best choice for most people who are looking for a post driver to hammer a lot of posts and that doesn’t require brute force.

The Gas Powered Post Driver (also called the T Post Driver) can save you time and improve post placement accuracy. The Gas Powered Post Driver is used when you have a large number of posts or when you need to drive deep into a post. Whatever your strength, you’re not going to make it without some special equipment.

How do you choose a Post Driver?

There are several features and parameters to consider when choosing the right driver. These are the type of driver (Manual or Gas Powered), and the size and material of the post you plan to use for the fence. You should also consider the expected life of the driver and your budget.

Wood Fence Post Driver

When choosing a Manual Post Driver, you need to know the diameter of the post you need to drive into the ground and the weight of the driver. Also, look at the quality of the metal and the comfort of the handle.

The most popular driver sizes are 3 inches, 4 inches, and 6.5 Inches,

With an extra heavy driver, you will need to use less force to drive the post into the surface. The most popular Post Driver weights are 12 lbs, 18 lbs, and 30 lbs.

How to choose Gas Powered Post Driver?

The mechanics of driving the post into the ground is no different than a manual driver. The only difference is the force exerted by the driver’s motor.

Most major manufacturers use a 4-stroke Honda Engine GX25/35. Therefore, the main difference in all Gas Powered Post Drivers is the size of the hammer. After all, the force the driver produces depends on the weight of the hammer and the speed of the hammer as a result of the motor.

How do you choose a reliable Post Driver to build your own fence? We can advise you on a really good option.

Best Gas Powered Post Driver

Rhino GPD30 Ranch Pro

Rhino GPD30 Ranch Pro


Rhino GPD30 Ranch Pro Honda 4-stroke 35.8cc Gas Powered Post Driver

Master Chuck ID 1.75″ (44.4mm)
Driver Only Dimensions 11″ W x 14″ D x 24 H”
(280 x 356 x 610 mm)
Driver Only Weight 35.8 lbs. (16.2 kg)
Engine Honda GX35 4-stroke engine
BPM (beats per minute) 1720 (approximate)
Fuel Unleaded Gas, 86 octane or higher
Fuel Capacity 0.67 qt. (0.63 ltr)
Engine Oil SAE 10W-30
Grease RHINO® Pro Series Lubricant
Shipping Weight 41 lbs. (18.6 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 30.5″ L x 15″ W x 18.25″ H
(775 x 381 x 464 mm)

Rhino GPD 30 Ranch Pro

The most popular Gas Powered Post Drivers

  • XtremepowerUS 52cc
  • Rhino Fence Pro
  • Rhino Multi Pro
  • REDI Classic
  • REDI Boss
  • Titan PGD2875
  • Titan PGD2875H
  • Titan PGD3875
  • Titan PGD2000
  • Titan PGD3200
  • Skidril G20D
  • Skidril G2XD
  • Yescom 2-Stroke

How do postal drivers work?

The fundamental principles behind post-drivers, regardless of their design, are pretty much the same. They apply a broad downward-pointing force to the post while driving it evenly into the ground.

Manual Post Driver

Manual drivers are fairly simple and efficient. They are human operated: you raise and lower the “pounder” over your pole. The pounder has an open end, it has almost the same diameter as the diameter of the pole, which fits a hollow pounder. The end of the pound closes and the pole strikes it. Because the rod is fed through the hollow pound without much room to maneuver, the impact energy is largely conserved, resulting in a strong, consistent impact that depends more on the weight of the pounder and the resulting impact force than on the strength of the operator.

Gas Powered T Post Driver

Gas-powered post drivers use the power of an internal combustion engine to drive the post into the ground. You generally have two sizes: 35cc Post Drivers and 50cc Post Drivers.

The operation of a gas-powered post driver is a little different than a manual driver. The movement of a gas-powered post driver is more like constant rapid tapping. His type of work is similar to a jackhammer. That’s why Gas Pole Drivers don’t hit the pole with a load, but rather push it precisely into the ground. This is great technology so that you can get your fence work done quickly.

Because these drivers use gas, they are quite small and portable, but much more powerful. That’s why this type of driver is much more popular with handymen.

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